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Coffee can add flavor and depth to a wide variety of foods.
These are coffees that help take your meals to a new level of greatness!
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Nicaraguan Diego Chavarria Estate Nicaraguan Diego Chavarria Estate

This coffee, with its nut and vanilla aromas, medium body, and mild acidity, is relaxing when enjoyed alone and pairs well with seafood, shellfish, lighter main courses, and desserts.
Lighter roasting brings out the gentle vanillas while darker roasting heightens the nut flavors.

Brazil Daterra Brazil Daterra

Brazil Daterra is a great coffee to start your day or enjoy with dessert.


Light roasting creates a sweeter coffee with slight tang. Darker roasting mutes the acidity and heightens the flavors of nut and earth.

Sumatra Mandheling Sumatra Mandheling

This most resonant coffee lingers in the mouth and sweetens as it cools. Flavors and aromas of earth and bittersweet chocolate are evident.


Medium roasting produces a lighter, cup with depth and body. Darker roasting allows the earthiness with chocolates to dominate. Light roasting is not recommended.

Cadillac Mountain Blend Cadillac Mountain Blend

Built on the Sumatra bean, Cadillac Mountain Blend is a full bodied, rich coffee that pairs equally well with meals and desserts but also makes a luscious 'alone' coffee.

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The Sail Loft The Sail Loft

The Sail Loft - everything you love about your sails in coffee form. From the power and boldness of the MainSail to the energy of the Code Zero, this exclusive coffee collection offers a flavorful array of options for every taste and pairing. Packaged in 100% Omnidegradable pouches.

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