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Looking for the perfect accompaniment to chocolate cake? Ice cream?
Apple Pie?
Look no further!
These coffees are GREAT for dessert!
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Guatemala Antigua Guatemala Antigua

This Reserve coffee has a medium body and acidity. It also exhibits a slight cinnamon flavor.


Light roasting heightens the acidity and vanilla aromas. Darker roasting brings nut aromas to the fore.

Brazil Santos Decaf Brazil Santos Decaf

You won't believe it's decaf! This coffee is decaffeinated in a method to preserve as much of the original flavor as possible and the result is a very rich decaf.


Lighter roasting brings out the clean and sweet flavor. Darker roasting heightens the flavors of earth.

Sumatra Mandheling Sumatra Mandheling

This most resonant coffee lingers in the mouth and sweetens as it cools. Flavors and aromas of earth and bittersweet chocolate are evident.


Medium roasting produces a lighter, cup with depth and body. Darker roasting allows the earthiness with chocolates to dominate. Light roasting is not recommended.

Indian Monsooned Malabar Indian Monsooned Malabar

This coffee gets its name from the process by which beans are stored in open sided facilities for several months in order for the moisture of the monsoon season to dull the acidity and add an earthy quality to the bean.


Light and medium roasting heightens the sweet pungency while darker roasting deeper, earthier flavors.

Cadillac Mountain Blend Cadillac Mountain Blend

Built on the Sumatra bean, Cadillac Mountain Blend is a full bodied, rich coffee that pairs equally well with meals and desserts but also makes a luscious 'alone' coffee.

Our Price: $14.00
Wine Barrel Aged Coffee Wine Barrel Aged Coffee

We took the highest quality unroasted coffee beans and aged them to perfection in an oak barrel previously used to age cabernet. The result is a full bodied coffee with a hint of fruit and snap of wine at the finish. THIS IS A LIMITED EDITION!

Our Price: $20.00
Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee

Aging unroasted coffee in a rye whiskey barrel allows the spice flavors, such as cinnamon and pepper, to carry throught to the finished coffee. The flavor profile finishes with a fruity snap. LIMITED EDITION

Our Price: $25.00
The Sail Loft The Sail Loft

The Sail Loft - everything you love about your sails in coffee form. From the power and boldness of the MainSail to the energy of the Code Zero, this exclusive coffee collection offers a flavorful array of options for every taste and pairing. Packaged in 100% Omnidegradable pouches.

Our Price: $32.00
Sale Price: $29.00
Black Tie Black Tie

Black Tie is our exclusive blend of custom roasted luxury coffees intended to create a full-bodied, rich, luscious experience. It begins with aromas of dark cocoa. As the cup progresses and the coffee begins to cool, sweeter notes of brown sugar and spice appear. Finally, hints of vanilla at the finish.

Our Price: $29.99