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Your morning coffee should energize and excite you!
These coffees are ready to help you win your day!
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Nicaraguan Diego Chavarria Estate Nicaraguan Diego Chavarria Estate

This coffee, with its nut and vanilla aromas, medium body, and mild acidity, is relaxing when enjoyed alone and pairs well with seafood, shellfish, lighter main courses, and desserts.
Lighter roasting brings out the gentle vanillas while darker roasting heightens the nut flavors.

Costa Rican Tarrazu FTO Costa Rican Tarrazu FTO

This strictly hard bean coffee from central Costa Rica offera a clean mouth feel, a pleasant balance between acidity and sweetness, as well as flavors of fruit and chocolate.


Lightly roasting brings out the sweetness while darker roasts bring chocolate flavors.

Brazil Daterra Brazil Daterra

Brazil Daterra is a great coffee to start your day or enjoy with dessert.


Light roasting creates a sweeter coffee with slight tang. Darker roasting mutes the acidity and heightens the flavors of nut and earth.

Guatemala Antigua Guatemala Antigua

This Reserve coffee has a medium body and acidity. It also exhibits a slight cinnamon flavor.


Light roasting heightens the acidity and vanilla aromas. Darker roasting brings nut aromas to the fore.

Honduras Honduras

This coffee has a medium body and clean mouthfeel. It also exhibits a smokey sweetness in the background.


Lighter roasting brings out the tangy sweetness while darker roasting heightens the deeper flavors of smoke.

Brazil Santos Decaf Brazil Santos Decaf

You won't believe it's decaf! This coffee is decaffeinated in a method to preserve as much of the original flavor as possible and the result is a very rich decaf.


Lighter roasting brings out the clean and sweet flavor. Darker roasting heightens the flavors of earth.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

These beans are taken from the fruit immediately after harvest which rounds the flavors of fruit and wine as well as floral aromas. This is a light, naturally sweet, and fruity coffee.


Light roasting is sweet and vibrant while medium roasting preserves the sweetness and mutes the acidity. Dark roasting is not recommended.

Kenya AA Kenya AA

Kenyan coffee is known for its balance of sweet acidity, deep, resonating flavor, and medium body.


Lighter roasts bring out the sweetness and scidity while medium and darker roasts create fuller body.

Southwest Harbor Blend Southwest Harbor Blend

Centered on the Ethiopian bean, Southwest Harbor Blend is a lighter bodied, naturally sweet coffee named for a well known Maine lobster port. This makes a GREAT breakfast coffee.

Morning Light Morning Light

Start your day with a shining mug of Morning Light. Morning Light is a unique blend of custom roasted coffees shipped right to your door.

Tanzanian Peaberry Tanzanian Peaberry

Tanzanian Peaberry is known for rich flavor and a slight wine-like snap. Peaberry refers to the genetic anomaly that results in a singe, round bean in the cherry as opposed to the regular two, flat-sided beans. This results in a boost in flavor, aroma, and depth. Most popular roast: medium/dark This coffee pairs well with a wide range of savory and sweet foods. From breakfast to desserts, Tanzanian Peaberry can elevate a dish or be enjoyed as a luscious stand alone beverage.

The Magenta Project Coffee The Magenta Project Coffee

The Magenta Project Coffee Blend combines depth with sweetness in a single cup. This coffee not only helps get you going but also pairs well with a variety of savory and dessert dishes.

A portion of each sale goes directly to The Magenta Project, a collaboration intended to inpsire and empower woment to compete at the highest professional level. For more information, please visit www.themagentaproject.org.

Our Price: $9.00
The Sail Loft The Sail Loft

The Sail Loft - everything you love about your sails in coffee form. From the power and boldness of the MainSail to the energy of the Code Zero, this exclusive coffee collection offers a flavorful array of options for every taste and pairing. Packaged in 100% Omnidegradable pouches.

Our Price: $32.00
Sale Price: $29.00