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African coffee ranges from the sweet, fruitiness of Ethiopian to the fuller bodied flavors of Tanzania and Uganda (When available).
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Gift Certificate Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Kenya AA
Give the gift of great coffee! Choose your gift amount and you're ready to go! These beans are taken from the fruit immediately after harvest which rounds the flavors of fruit and wine as well as floral aromas. This is a light, naturally sweet, and fruity coffee.


Light roasting is sweet and vibrant while medium roasting preserves the sweetness and mutes the acidity. Dark roasting is not recommended.
Kenyan coffee is known for its balance of sweet acidity, deep, resonating flavor, and medium body.


Lighter roasts bring out the sweetness and scidity while medium and darker roasts create fuller body.

Tanzanian Peaberry
Tanzanian Peaberry is known for rich flavor and a slight wine-like snap. Peaberry refers to the genetic anomaly that results in a singe, round bean in the cherry as opposed to the regular two, flat-sided beans. This results in a boost in flavor, aroma, and depth. Most popular roast: medium/dark This coffee pairs well with a wide range of savory and sweet foods. From breakfast to desserts, Tanzanian Peaberry can elevate a dish or be enjoyed as a luscious stand alone beverage.