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  • Custom Blends/ Collections

    Our custom blends are created with a place or purpose in mind.  From the rocky coast of Southwest Harbor to the heights of Cadillac Mountain, to the versatility of the Full Sail and Americas Collections, to the peaceful Morning Light, each blend and collection has a unique quality that completes your coffee experience.
  • Barrel Aged Coffee

    Aging unroasted beans in previously used wine and whiskey barrels imparts a flavor and slight aroma to the finished coffee.  The flavors are subtle, with hints of fruit and a slight brightness of flavor. (This coffee contains NO alcohol.)
  • Beneteau Coffee

    Extend your Beneteau experience to your morning coffee with your model's exclusive blend! Each morning will transport you to your Beneteau.

    These coffees also make great gifts for those who spend time on board with you!
  • Luxury Coffees

    Luxury is typically a word reserved for exotic cars, champagne, lobster, and caviar. May we also suggest coffee?
    Our luxury coffee blends are chosen for their balance of flavor, aroma, and body and are second to none.
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Gift Certificate Southwest Harbor Blend Morning Light
Give the gift of great coffee! Choose your gift amount and you're ready to go! Centered on the Ethiopian bean, Southwest Harbor Blend is a lighter bodied, naturally sweet coffee named for a well known Maine lobster port. This makes a GREAT breakfast coffee. Start your day with a shining mug of Morning Light. Morning Light is a unique blend of custom roasted coffees shipped right to your door.
Beneteau Coffee Flight Coarse Ground Podcast Coffee
Coffee Flight
Our Price: $7.00
Our exclusive line of Beneteau branded coffees are the perfect start to your day. Each sip will transport you to the dock.
Enjoy a range of coffee samples and discover your flavor preferences!  Each kit includes coffee, information, and tasting notes. This collaboration between the Coarse Grind Podcast and Mister G’s Coffee is as deep and complex as the life stories told on the show itself.  Notes of caramel, smoke, and sea salt will leave this flavor lingering long after your cup is empty.  Don’t worry, though - Like new episodes of the Coarse Grind Podcast, your next cup of CGPC Blend is never far off.
The Magenta Project Coffee Sailor Girl Coffee Cadillac Mountain Blend
Sailor Girl Coffee
Our Price: $10.00
Cadillac Mountain Blend
Our Price: $14.00
The Magenta Project Coffee Blend combines depth with sweetness in a single cup. This coffee not only helps get you going but also pairs well with a variety of savory and dessert dishes.

A portion of each sale goes directly to The Magenta Project, a collaboration intended to inpsire and empower woment to compete at the highest professional level. For more information, please visit www.themagentaproject.org.
A perfect blend of sweetness, caffeine, aroma, and body make the Sailor Girl blend a perfect coffee. Whether you are on the water or wish you were, this is the coffee for you! Built on the Sumatra bean, Cadillac Mountain Blend is a full bodied, rich coffee that pairs equally well with meals and desserts but also makes a luscious 'alone' coffee.
Wine Barrel Aged Coffee Full Sail Collection Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee
Wine Barrel Aged Coffee
Our Price: $20.00
Full Sail Collection
Our Price: $23.50
We took the highest quality unroasted coffee beans and aged them to perfection in an oak barrel previously used to age cabernet. The result is a full bodied coffee with a hint of fruit and snap of wine at the finish. THIS IS A LIMITED EDITION!
The Full Sail Collection includes 8oz (226 gr) Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Costa Rican Tarrazu, and Sumatra Mandheling providing a wide range of flavors. Aging unroasted coffee in a rye whiskey barrel allows the spice flavors, such as cinnamon and pepper, to carry throught to the finished coffee. The flavor profile finishes with a fruity snap. LIMITED EDITION
The Sail Loft Black Tie
The Sail Loft
Our Price: $32.00
Sale Price: $29.00
Black Tie
Our Price: $29.99
The Sail Loft - everything you love about your sails in coffee form. From the power and boldness of the MainSail to the energy of the Code Zero, this exclusive coffee collection offers a flavorful array of options for every taste and pairing. Packaged in 100% Omnidegradable pouches. Black Tie is our exclusive blend of custom roasted luxury coffees intended to create a full-bodied, rich, luscious experience. It begins with aromas of dark cocoa. As the cup progresses and the coffee begins to cool, sweeter notes of brown sugar and spice appear. Finally, hints of vanilla at the finish.